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Interface ResultInfo

Information about a result, including its id and name.


  • ResultInfo



Readonly baseResultId

baseResultId: number

If the result is derived from a base result (e.g. tensor), baseResultId describes the id of the origin result.

Readonly baseResultType

baseResultType: ResultType

If the result is derived from a base result (e.g. tensor), baseResultType describes the type of the origin result.

Readonly deriveOperation

deriveOperation: DeriveOperation

If the result is derived from a base result (e.g. tensor), deriveOperation describes how the result was derived from the base result.

Readonly id

id: number

The id of the result.

Readonly idString

idString: string

The persistent string id of the result.

This is a persistent ID of the result that will not change between versions of C3, and can thus be used to store setting regarding results. The id of the result might change in future versions of C3, and is only guaranteed to be constant in a given version.

Use the ModelDirectory.getResultInfoByIdString method to find result infos based on the idString.

Readonly isCalculatorResult

isCalculatorResult: boolean

If the result is generated by a result calculator

Readonly mapping

mapping: ResultMapping

Result position (mapping) of the result

Readonly name

name: string

The name of the result.

Readonly resultType

resultType: ResultType

The result type (scalar, vector, displacement)

Readonly unit

unit: string

The unit of the results (if available).

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