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Interface PartInfo

The id and name of a part, and the index of the geometry it belongs to.

Parts are uniquely identified by the combination of geometry index and part id.


  • PartInfo



Readonly boundaryCondition

boundaryCondition: boolean

True if the part is a boundary condition part

Readonly geometryIndex

geometryIndex: number

The zero-based index of the geometry the part belongs to. In most cases there is only one geometry and this index will be zero.

Readonly name

name: string

The name of the part

Readonly parentPartId

parentPartId: number

The id of the parent part. -1 if none

Readonly partDataArr

partDataArr: ReadonlyArray<{ key: string; value: string }>

Additional key,value info describing the part

Readonly partId

partId: number

The unique (within the geometry) id of the part. Part ids are >= 0.

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