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Class QueryBulkCalculation

Calculation of bulk values from cutting planes and visible surfaces of parts.

The following values are computed on the cutting plane/part surface:

  • Scalar value: Min/Max/Average/Resultant(sum of Area*EltResult for all surface elements).
  • Geometry: Area, surface (triangle) count, node count, surface centroid.

For scalar results, a per element result (maybe interpolated) is used for the calculations.

For vector results, a dot product between the per element vector result (maybe interpolated) and the surface normal is used to compute the scalar value for the element. This is then used to compute min/max/avg/resultant. This will enable computation of flux/flow through the surface.

Note that bulk calculations can be performed on any result, not only the ones currently mapped on the model/cutting plane.

For cutting planes, bulk values will be calculated per region, causing one cutting plane to provide more than one region if it consists of two separate spacial regions.







includeRegionTriangles: boolean

Specify if the cutting plane queries should include triangle tessellation for each reg



  • Executes the query for the given cutting plane.

    The query will return bulk values for each region of the cutting plane. The cutting plane will be split into one region for each part, and also further split if the cutting plane for one part consists of two or more spatially separate regions.

    Supported result types are: ResultType.SCALAR and ResultType.VECTOR


    Returns void


  • Executes the query for the given part.

    The bulk values are computed based on the elements referenced by the visible surfaces of the part.

    This query will provide one QueryBulkCalculationValues object with the bulk values for this part.

    Supported result types are: ResultType.SCALAR and ResultType.VECTOR


    Returns void

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