Ceetron Cloud Components Examples

Howdy, developer!

Whether you are curious about Ceetron Cloud Components (C3), evaluating them, or already coding your CAE web application with them, here is where you will find examples, documentation and support contact information.

C3’s client-side rendering technology is powering exciting new cloud-based CAE offerings from top-tier and startup vendors. Its lean and modern API, plus our outstanding quality of support, will get you implementing UI’s like this in no time (if you aren’t doing so already) … just follow the path.

This page is hosted by the example HTTP server in the Examples/HttpServer folder in the C3 distribution. It serves the example apps that are included in the C3 distribution. Click on the links below to explore the examples.

Example web-apps

CloudPost An app demonstrating a simple post processor made with C3. Written in TypeScript, but JavaScript files are also included.

DemoAppUsg An app demonstrating the client side CAE model for unstructured surface element models with a streaming demo. Written in TypeScript.

DemoAppUg An app showcasing some of the features of the C3. Written in JavaScript.

DemoAppGeo An app demonstrating some of the features of the C3 geo module. Written in TypeScript.

Cug_LocalBundleViewer Demonstrates viewing of a local JS CUG bundle.

Cug_RemoteBundleViewer Demonstrates loading a binary CUG bundle from a remote server.

Usg_RemoteMonitoring Simulates monitoring the result of a remote simulation using the client side CAE model for unstructured surface element models. Written in TypeScript.

Usg_RemotePlayback Demonstrates playback of an animation sequence using the client side model for unstructured surface element models. Written in TypeScript.

DemoAppMrkLabels An app demonstrating the label support in the Markup Model. Written in TypeScript.

MinimalGeoTypeScript A minimal example of how to get C3 geo module up and running using TypeScript.

MinimalUg A minimal example on how to get C3 up and running using JavaScript.

MinimalUgTypeScript A minimal example on how to get C3 up and running using TypeScript.

MinimalUgTypeScriptGlobal A minimal Typescript example on how to import C3 as a global variable (cee) using a global script reference.

Full source code is included (JavaScript and TypeScript (if available)) for all examples.

Getting started

To get started using C3, please open the documentation by going to Documentation/index.html in the distribution.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments or bug reports. You can reach us at support@ceetron.com. This also applies when you are evaluating the product.

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